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November 2003 - Hamburg-based sound consultants Amptown Sound & Communications (ASC) has completed the installation of a sound reinforcement system at the Holstenhalle in NeumĀnster, a 1930s aeroplane hangar which can accommodate audiences of up to 4000 people for concerts and events.

Holstenhalle Neumünster is used for a wide variety of events, from classical concerts, including the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, trade shows, livestock auctions, pop-concerts, parties, to other attractions such as motorcycle shows.

In the finished installation, a cluster consisting of two Nexo GEO S hangs has been positioned in the middle of the hall pointing north and south. A bass array is set right in the middle, with 3 x CD-12 subbass cabinets pointing in each direction. The system is driven by 6x CAMCO Vortex-6 Endstufe 2x2,1KW @ 4 Ohm, and 1x CAMCO Vortex-2.6 Endstufe 2x750W @ 4 Ohm.

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