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News CAMCO Tectons for Hamburg Hotel
October 2006 - Hamburg's beautiful Grand Hotel Elysee is the biggest in the city, and attracts many thousands of visitors and admirers every year. Now there is a further attraction: a new ballroom which provides impressive entertainment and meeting facilities for up to 700 people.

The installation of the sound reinforcement system for this magnificent venue had to meet the highest specifications. The 1200 sq.m area and 9m ceiling height of the hall make the acoustics highly reverberant. By dividing the hall into three zones - front parquet, rear parquet and gallery - it is easier to prevent the generation of unnecessary sound energy and to achieve optimal sound coverage throughout.

The sound design for the ballroom was created by Kerstin Budde from the Hamburg theatrical engineering company THAT (Büro für Theaterbetriebstechnik Holtz & Budde). Implementation of the design was taken on by Hamburg-based firm, Amptown Sound & Communication GmbH, managed by Rüdiger Aue.

Sound reinforcement for the hall is all powered by CAMCO Tecton 38.4 and 32.4 amplifiers. The front-of-house system comprises one cluster of 5x NEXO GEO S805s, 2x NEXO GEO S830s and 1x NEXO LS-1200 sub on each side. The Ethersound-based audio network consists of an Auvitran AVY16-ES card in a Yamaha DME-24N and 2x NEXO NX242 TDcontrollers fitted an NXTEnsion-ES4 card.

Apart from the very good price/performance ratio of the system, the fact that signal distribution in the eight zones could be carried out via Ethersound was one of the main reasons for choosing Amptown's solution.

After the successful installation of the sound system, Amptown's Rüdiger Aue explained that, "for us, it was the first Ethersound installation and everything worked perfectly, thanks to the technical support provided by CAMCO's Norbert Sangermann. The architectural conditions meant that the subbass units had to be installed on special mountings above the arrays. In co-operation with CAMCO, we managed to put together a solution that worked very well. The complicated spray painting work and the housings on the basses were really worth all the effort. Our customer is very satisfied."

For further information contact:

Amptown Sound & Communication GmbH

THAT Büro für Theaterbetriebstechnik Holtz & Budde