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News CAMCO and Toto celebrate 10 years of Brauerei Open Air
November 2006 - This year sees the 10th anniversary of the Brauerei Open Air, a series of big concerts hosted by the Erzquell Brewery in Bielstein, 35 km east of Cologne. And, in a major coup, the organisers managed to persuade 80s stadium rockers TOTO to perform.

The stage is set up in the brewery's own beer garden, so the capacity is limited to just 3,500 lucky ticket-holders, who were effectively attending a private show! Before TOTO took the stage, the atmosphere was warmed up by local band Slyboots, and the official TOTO support act Panopticon.

For such a special occasion, PA company Babbel & Haeger pulled in the best possible sound reinforcement system, using a CAMCO-powered GEO D10 tangent array system from NEXO, arrayed 8 per side, with 6x CD18 subbass units. The 8x CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers were such a perfect match for the new D10 cabinets that TOTO's FOH engineer Jens Schilling got on the talk-back mic during sound check to tell the whole crew, "I love this PA!"

Crew: Technical director: Michael Schneider. FOH: Jens Schilling. Stage: Christian Müller
Lighting: Michael Diederichs, Sascha Klein (Trendco GmbH)

For further information contact:
Uwe Haeger
Babbel & Haeger Veranstaltungstechnik OHG