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News CAMCO powers Shanghai superclub, The Absolute House
January 2007 - Said to be the largest club in Shanghai, the mission of Absolute House is 'promoting international clubbing culture'. The latest superclub is housed in a former industrial building which was once 6 storeys high, and its Japanese architect has retained the orginal feel of the building, all concrete and a bit of glass.

CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers have been specified for the sound system, which uses NEXO's GEO T tangent-array cabinets, the first installation of its kind to do so in the Far East. The venue, which can accommodate 1500 people, also uses a combination of Nexo Alpha bass cabinets and CD18 subs to maximum effect.

Turned up to 'dance levels', the system power totally overcomes the poor acoustics of the venue. According to one consultant, "It's as if you're listening to good-quality studio monitoring but with the addition of the vibration that you'd never get from a system like that. You can't tell how loud it is because there's no distortion in the system. Only when you look at the SPL meter and see that it's close to 130 dBa! But you can hear all the effects, and the bass makes you feel like your body is being massaged."