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News CAMCO flexes its muscles in Switzerland
May 2007 - A wide range of users appreciate Camco amplifiers for their superior standards of audio quality, a fact which is brilliantly illustrated by the latest news from Switzerland, where Vortex amplifiers have been installed in one of Geneva's oldest musical theatres, and also used by TSR for the live TV broadcast of the Mister Suisse "body beautiful" contest!

Also known as the Petit Casino, the Casino Theatre in Geneva was built in 1881 and is now owned by the City of Geneva. Today the venue hosts small musicals and theatre productions, jazz and vocal concerts. The Casino Theatre has just completed the installation of a new house PA system, choosing CAMCO Vortex amplifiers because of their sound quality and reliability. The new NEXO GEO S cabinets are driven by Vortex 6 and Vortex 4 models, and will, in the near future, become part of an EtherSound control network in the theatre.

Swiss TV (TSR) in Geneva has used CAMCO amps for some time, having bought its own Nexo GEO S system 3 years ago. This year, the Vortex amplifiers were used to drive the PA in the Geneva Arena, where a live audience of 2,500 people had gathered to watch the live broadcast of the 2007 Mister Suisse competition, and a line-up of Swiss entertainment including DJ BoBo, Stephan Eicher and Aloan.

CAMCO distributor ZAP Audio supplemented TSR's stock of Vortex amps, enabling them to use a new Nexo GEO D system for the main PA and a GEO S system for the balcony seating. As ZAP's Frādāric Walder points out, `the reliability and sound quality of the Vortex was critically important in this situation."

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