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News CAMCO Unveils New Q-Power Series: Simply Powerful Amplifiers
December 2007 - CAMCO introduces its new Q-Power Series of 4-channel high-output power amplifiers, which will make the German manufacturer's hallmarks of sonic integrity combined with massive power output much more accessible to installation companies all over the world.

In recent years, CAMCO's product development cycle has taken them to the forefront of amplifier technology, pioneering intelligent amplifier design, unprecedented levels of connectivity, DSP facilities and network control.

CAMCO's flagship Vortex Series is firmly established at the highest level of international touring. Now the Q-Power Series will transpose CAMCO's reputation into the fixed installation market, offering reliable, sonically pure power in a straightforward package that is suitable for less complex applications which still demand sonic integrity.

At launch there are two models in the Series, the Q-Power 6 and Q-Power 10, both of them 19" 2RU 4-channel amps using class D and class H technology and benefitting from developments in CAMCO's proprietary dual-voltage SMPS with automatic voltage selection for 120V/230V operation. Suitable for live sound and theatre applications, the Q-Power will quickly find favour with professional installers who will find these units flexible and cost-effective.

Rated at 2500W (Q-Power 10) and 1500W (Q-Power 6) peak power RMS output at 4 Ohms, the Q-Power 10 offers 625W per channel for 100V line operation, and the Q-Power 6 will deliver 950W per channel for 70V line operation. Although the Q-Power units represent a high-tech `no-frills' alternative, they have been given careful consideration when it comes to basic features, for example, having XLR and Phoenix input connectors and Speakon and barrier strip output connectors. A gain pot security cover is also provided.

With more brawn and less brain, the Q-Power Series is a perfect powerhouse addition to the CAMCO range of amplifiers, which will be equally at home in a touring PA system as in a fixed installation. All of CAMCO's amplifiers are backed up by a 6-year warranty.

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Further information from:
Mick Anderson
Tel: +49 1 63 40 88 041

Along with ABCD channel identification, clear LED status indicators above each potentiometer indicate; Amp on, Signal present (this is red if in protect mode), Output current and clip status

The input section is supplied with both XLR and Phoenix connectors, while the output section is supplied with both Speakon and Barrier Strip connectors with cover