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News CAMCO on international club scene
July 2008 - London. Tokyo. Barcelona. Headline-making nightclubs all over the world are looking to CAMCO for a crowd-pleasing balance between power and precision for their live music stages.

Vortex 6 amps drive the powerful line array and stage monitor systems installed by Hibino Sound Division in the new Akasaka Blitz club in Tokyo. This exciting new live venue for 1400 people is managed by TV network TBS as an independent venue, as well as being used for live concert broadcasts. 100% digital, the Blitz system is founded on an EtherSound network, allowing 128 channels of audio to travel from a stagebox to the front-of-house console via a fibre-optic interface, and then via EtherSound Cat5 cable to a hub which splits stage Left and Right. CAMCO's own EtherSound control software CAI monitors the Vortex 6 amplifiers.

London's new Proud venue is in the über-cool neighbourhood of Camden, once a hospital for horses, now a 500-capacity live music club. Its central stage has a line array PA with ground-stacked subs, all installed by rental company SSE, together with their own proprietary wedge monitors. The system is driven by Vortex 6 amps, a favourite with SSE engineers who rely on them to power many of their touring systems.

The long-established Bikini club in central Barcelona is one of the city's renowned live venues for indie and alternative rock acts. Unusually, it can operate as one or two venues, thanks to a removable wall, accommodating 900 people. After a refit by Doscientos Veinte Sonido, Bikini's artists now perform completely in the digital domain, using a new EtherSound-based network that carries the audio signal from microphone to loudspeaker without any loss of quality. The PA systems in both rooms are powered by Vortex 6, and sound engineer Robert Perez uses a PC to monitor the amps' temperature and peaking, etc. "It means we don't have to walk all the way to the amp room 20 metres behind the stage." Robert also points out that, in the 11 years that Bikini has been using CAMCO, they have only blown 1 tweeter!

The new Akasaka Blitz club in Tokyo used for live concert broadcasts

London's new Proud venue

The Bikini club in central Barcelona