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News CAMCO powers 6000 sq.m SONY display
December 2008 - With a set created by Brian 'Lord of the Rings' Edmonds and lighting by Pink Floyd's designer Marc Brickman, Sony's massive booth at the IFA 2008 exhibition set a new standard of production excellence. Limelight Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH from Gilching-Munich was responsible for orchestrating the smooth performance of extensive lighting, sound and video technology, and deployed more than 40 CAMCO-powered loudspeaker cabinets in a combination of vertical and horizontal line arrays.

The IFA in Berlin is deemed to be the world's largest consumer electronics fair. The biggest showcase by a single exhibitor is that of Sony, which takes up a whole hall, an area of 6,000 square meters, this year developing an enchanted forest concept, with thick white floors to absorb sound, soft round shapes and bare white trees.

Under the direction of technical director Peter Mader Limelight Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH was responsible for the coordination of technical production, creating a show environment from synchronised lighting, video and audio that evolved from black night through to dawn, with a sunrise video sun showing on two large HD projections (47m x 8m). All lighting, video and audio was synchronised.

For Limelight, Marcel Petras was responsible for the sound in the hall, using principally a CAMCO-powered line array system. The special challenge for the sound specialists from Gilching was the continually changing demands on the PA, which had to handle dispersion of the star guest Til Schweiger and the performance of the world's fastest violinist, David Garrett and his band, to every corner of the booth, maintaining a constant level over the whole area.

Altogether they used eleven small arrays, using 46 boxes across the centre, left and right of the stage. All systems were networked via Ethersound protocol, controlled by Yamaha M7CL and Yamaha LS9 digital over fiber-optic lines with full redundancy, using two Auvitran AVRED ES-optical network redundancy managers. This allowed the consoles to provide input to the amplifiers which would not have been possible using an analogue system. With remote control, it was possible to make modifications to any part of the system anywhere in the room, and check the result immediately.

"It was a good decision to use products from CAMCO and NEXO. All our team members were very impressed with the consistently high-quality performance of the amplifiers and speakers," said Marcel Petras at the end of the IFA 2008.

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