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News CAMCO for world's most powerful speaker
April 2009 - CAMCO Vortex Series helped make a little bit of history, amplifying one of the most famous voices in the world for an eager audience of 30,000. Barack Obama's landmark speech in Prague, the first he has given to a European crowd since he became President of the United States.

Leading Czech rental company RENTALPRO supplied an extensive FOH and delay system for the historic event, which took place outside Prague's famous castle. Using a single vertical hang of line array cabinets as main PA, the system also deployed two delay points, each equipped with L/R line array systems and a giant relay screen.

System designer Tomas Ourednicek set up an EtherSound network with built in maximum redundancy; all the amp racks, which contained CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers and system controllers fitted with EtherSound extension cards, were doubled up, and the EtherSound signal was backed up with analogue lines. The system even included a second Innovason SY48 front-of-house console for safety.

Nothing could be left to chance. For the 30-minute occasion, RentalPro had to provide more than 160 broadcast splits to all press and media operations, relaying Obama's words to a TV audience around the world, as well as to the 30,000 Czech citizens gathered at the castle.

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