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News 100+ CAMCO Amplifiers Power 'Baby Jet'
December 2010 - Austria's famous Klangwolke open-air musical event this year was built on the theme of `BABY JET', the story of a futuristic train that can exceed Mach 1 speeds travelling through a vacuum tunnel. CAMCO power amps, over 100 of them, delivered the power requirements for an extensive distributed sound system, stretching many hundreds of metres along the riverside of the city of Linz.

Audiences of up to 150,000 came to see the three concerts which comprise the Klangwolke annual festival. Audio designer and network sound specialist Wolfgang Peschmann from WOPE Audio Technologies was responsible for the design of an extensive sound reinforcement system, in which all the audio signals were transmitted over fibre optic using EtherSound network protocol.

CAMCO's Vortex amplifiers were specified, more than 100 used to guarantee smooth and even coverage of the whole audience area, in the event of poor weather conditions. According to Wolfgang Peschmann, the powerful systems "delivered the required SPLs when they had to compete with huge fireworks and machine noise during the visual performance. By contrast, they were perfectly able to paint a clear and detailed picture of the classical performance, even in pianissimo."

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