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News Carabao kick-start 100-date Thai tour with CAMCO
June 2011 - A mixture of Nexo sound reinforcement and Camco amplification has helped Carabao - one of the biggest rock bands in Thailand - to kick-start a high profile national tour at the Bangkok Velodrome.

Formed in 1976 by university students Yuenyong Opakul (Aed) and Kirati Promsaka Na Sakon Nakhon (Keo or Khiao) while studying in the Philippines, Carabao continues to be one of the most popular rock bands in Thailand. With a name that translates to `buffalo', the band's music blends the acoustic/folk style of `peua chiwit' with other forms of Thai music, western rock, country music and Latin and reggae influences. As such they have often been referred to as `ethnic rockers' and the `Rolling Stones of Asia'.

Carabao's songs often tackle social and political issues, demanding social justice and taking on the causes of the ordinary Thai people. They have a long and complex history, with multiple line-ups and several members who have left and rejoined the band numerous times. Indeed, lead guitarist and vocalist Aed is the only member who has participated in all their albums and tours.

To celebrate three decades of success in the music industry, Carabao kicked off a 100-date Thailand tour with a grand opening concert at the Velodrome in Hua Mark, Bangkok on March 19th. This marked a nostalgic return to the same venue where they managed just half a show in 1985, after the concert was forced to stop. Media Vision was contracted to supply the staging, power, lighting, video projectors, LEDs and audio systems for the entire tour, acquiring a large inventory of new equipment especially for it.

A Nexo GEO-D line array system powered by Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers forms the backbone of the tour's sound system, explained MD Thanaruch Hongskule (Joe): `We've hired the GEO-D line array from Mr Team Productions in the past and really liked it. So much so, that we started acquiring an inventory of GEO D and PS15 speakers together with Camco amplifiers after that.'For the tour, Fuzion Far East supplied Media Vision with a further 24 Nexo GEO D line array cabinets, 24 PS15 R2 speakers, RS 15 enclosures, 12 CD18 subwoofers, and 18 Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers. Quest monitors and two DiGiCo SD8 digital consoles were also included.

`With this system, concert set-up is much easier and the clarity is amazing,' enthused Mr Hongskule. `Furthermore, the subwoofers are tight and powerful. I first caught a glimpse of the SD8 console in Las Vegas at the NAB trade show in 2010. I followed this up with Fuzion Far East and they gave me a demonstration at their showroom, where I found it both easy to navigate and great sounding.

`For the tour, we are using 96 channels for front of house and monitors linked with two Madi racks.'