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November 2004 - For the unusual musical proposition 'Jazz Meets Trallalero', sound rental company PRO MUSIK had to choose a high-quality sound system that would meet the demands of the music, the expectations of an international audience and the challenges of an auditorium not designed for flown PA.

The special cultural event was sponsored by the CODEX agency from Bertrange (Luxembourg), and staged at the Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg.

The 12 metre deep, semi-circular auditorium has the capacity to seat 750 people. Although it rises to a height of 7.5m, there are no suspension points inside the Conservatoire, so it was not possible for PRO MUSIK to use conventional flown line array systems. The only solution was to ground-stack the line array on the stage. Each side was a stack of 5x NEXO GEO S805s and 1x S830, with 3x NEXO CD12 subs on each side. Managed by NEXO NX241 digital controllers, the system was entirely driven by CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers.

With Martin 'Matz' Schwarz as the FOH engineer, the sound quality was exceptionally consistent throughout the entire auditorium, and thoroughly appreciated by the audience.

* Of course, all CAMCO customers will know that 'trallalero' is a polyphonic style of singing with five voices, which originates from Genoa in Italy.

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