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January 2005 - Hamburg-based sound company Amptown Sound & Communication GmbH (ASC) has completed an unusual but critical sound system installation at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg. Following a shoot-out of loudspeaker systems, ASC chose a CAMCO-powered NEXO Alpha system for the task.

In artistic terms, the Thalia Theatre offers a blend of the classical and the modern. In technical terms, the venue maintains high standards particularly with regard to sound reinforcement. ASC's Rüdiger Aue explains that the theatre has always had a requirement for a backstage sound system. ''The stage has a narrow apron, very low in places, and, combined with three different levels of audience seating, this poses a big challenge for the house PA, and the Thalia requires additional reinforcement from loudspeakers mounted at the back of the stage area. These loudspeakers have to provide precise, narrow coverage over a wide frequency range. High output and high penetration were the basic requirements for any upgrade to the system.''

When it was time to replace the backstage sound system, the project was placed in the hands of ASC, who used EASE 4 software to compare competitive systems and draw up a shortlist. ''In the simulations, we offered a selection of technically suitable systems for our customer, but such a decision couldn't be made without a direct A-B comparison. For all those involved in the test, the result couldn't have been clearer.'' After this full-scale shoot-out, a NEXO-CAMCO system was unanimously selected.

ASC used three CAMCO Vortex amplifiers to power two stacks of NEXO Alpha, each consisting of 1x Alpha M3 and 2x Alpha B1s. The system is managed by two of NEXO's new NX242 Digital TDcontrollers, and complements perfectly the Thalia Theatre's house system. ''ASC's primary concern is to provide our customers with the best solution for their particular needs, and, in this case, with the NEXO-CAMCO system, that's exactly what they got,'' commented Rüdiger Aue.

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