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January 2005 - CAMCO is the first amplifier manufacturer in the world to commit to adding EtherSound connectivity to its entire product range. The optional EtherSound modules will be showcased as early as April 2005 at the Prolight+Sound trade show in Frankfurt. This short time to market is possible thanks to a close collaboration with AuviTran, an Authorized EtherSound Implementor, which will provide hardware modules and development services to CAMCO. [EtherSound is an industry-standard technology for audio networking developed, patented, and licensed by Digigram, which enables real-time audio networks using standard Ethernet cabling and components.]

Reiner Sassmann, CAMCO's managing director, is enthusiastic about using EtherSound technology: ''Without a doubt, EtherSound is technologically the leading standard for audio over Ethernet in the pro audio industry. It is the only technology on the market to offer a network latency low enough for live sound, that is also thoroughly stable, and deterministic. We see great value for our customers who will now be able to leverage the advantages of digital audio distribution. It is very important to us that EtherSound is not a proprietary technology and that our products will be able to work with many exciting products from other industry leading manufacturers. Our close partner NEXO is just one such manufacturer.''

The end-to-end transmission time between an audio input and an audio output in an EtherSound network is six samples (125 microseconds at 48 kHz). An up-to-date list of EtherSound licensees and products is available on

CAMCO will develop optional EtherSound hardware modules compatible with its entire product range. Additionally, it will be possible to upgrade existing amplifiers of the Vortex and Tecton series with the modules and thereby add EtherSound functionalities to a large part of CAMCO's installed product base.

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