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News CAMCO and NEXO at the Film and Television Academy
April 2005 - Earlier this year, students at the 'Konrad Wolf Film and Television Academy' (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg had the opportunity to attend a special lecture by celebrated acoustic expert Professor W. Ahnert.

After completion of his own studies in 1975, Dr. Ahnert worked at the Institute for Cultural Buildings in East Berlin, which was responsible for planning the technical equipment required for all theatres, concert halls and other cultural building in the GDR, as well as taking an advisory role for selected projects abroad.

In 1990 he opened his own engineering office, ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert and in 1992 gained a post-doctoral lecturing qualification in 'Manipulation of Acoustic Sound Fields' at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences. Since 1993, Dr. Ahnert has been a freelance professor at the Film and Television Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

In this capacity, Professor W. Ahnert demonstrated his latest measuring software, EASRA. Developed by ADA's sister company SDA, this software enables the transmission characteristics of indoor halls, outdoor venues and of electrical devices to be measured using different impulse signals. This enables results obtained from simulations to be verified easily.

Why travel to faraway places, when the problem can be demonstrated much closer to home? This could well have been the view Prof. Ahnert took, because he chose the most acoustically unsuitable venue possible for his demonstration: the Atrium at the Film and Television Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Even for the most experienced sound engineers, this venue is always a great challenge.

The huge four to five storey hall has many domes and arches and is built mainly of concrete and glass. There is very little in the way of sound-absorption material, so all surfaces are hard and reflective - basically a sound engineer's nightmare!

The sound system the Berlin professor chose for his lecture was the NEXO GEO S System, driven by CAMCO VORTEX 6 amplifiers. The entire equipment was provided by CAMCO, Germany's NEXO distributor, and was set up by Reinhard Steger (CAMCO) and Sebastian Arnold (AMPTOWN Sound & Communication), together with the students under the watchful eye of Prof. Ahnert.

The results of the subsequent sound checks and measurements were excellent. Prof. Ingo Kock (dean of the Sound faculty at the HFF) commented that ''never before has this hall experienced such an excellent sound reinforcement result, especially with regard to coverage and speech clarity.''

Professor Ahnert was also extremely enthusiastic in his appraisal of the sound system and used the GEO S systems set up in the hall to explain to the students the operating principle of the patents used in the design of the speakers.

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