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May 2005 - With 14 gold records, six platinums, and over five million recordings sold, Die Prinzen is one of the most popular German pop bands of all time. Dates on 'the Princes' current acoustic tour sold out in record time, forcing them to add extra concerts to a national tour that is playing more than 30 theatres and concert halls (including the Leipzig ''Gewandhaus'' and the Dresden ''Semperoper'') across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For this tour, featuring only acoustic instruments, the band has thrown out what it considers to be excess technical baggage. The stripped-down production focusses on absolute essentials, and the selection of the PA - the GEO S tangent array from NEXO - was made with this theme in mind, according to north German rental company, roadrunner Technische Konzertdurchführung GmbH, and its managing director Norbert Dembski.

''Despite the less than perfect acoustics in some of the halls, where the PA sometimes even hung behind the band, there have been no problems with feedback at any of the concerts so far,'' says monitor engineer Reinhard Volk. Dan Schneider, the systems engineer in charge of setting up and dismantling the technical equipment, continues, ''without this line array, we wouldn't have had such an easy job handling the equipment and getting the optimal sound dispersion at the various venues. The NEXO GEO S System has really impressed me right down the line. We managed to get optimal results with only 8 GEO S speakers on each side.''

Before they became Die Prinzen, the group's members were all in the Thomanerchor of the Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) in Leipzig, which is one reason they specialize in a capella music (singing without instrumental accompaniment).

The technical engineers at the various theatres and opera houses have complimented Norbert Dembski on more than one occasion on the excellent acoustic qualities of the NEXO GEO tangent array. The sound had never been as good and consequently there has been great interest in the technical side of this achievement.

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roadrunner Technische Konzertdurchführung GmbH