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May 2005 - The German Sports Writers Ball is one of the social highlights of the year in Frankfurt am Main, held at the Alte Oper (Old Opera House) and attending by nearly 3000 guests. This year, its sponsor, Frankfurter Sportpresse e.V., welcomed many celebrities from the world of sport, politics, industry and showbusiness, including the star guest, Josā Carreras.

Carreras, accompanied on the piano by Italian virtuoso Lorenzo Bavaj, was the highlight of the Ball, but the entertainment also included 10 other bands. Ambion GmbH, the sound rental company from Bad Soden, worked with Michael Wengerter from Ambion Kassel to design and implement a sound reinforcement system that would complement the classical and pop music on stage, as well as convey the evening's speeches with complete clarity.

The Move & Studio S GmbH agency from Bad Soden, under managing director Roberto Emmanuele, handled the production of the Ball. They asked Ambion to design a system that could provide a full sound, evenly dispersed throughout the grand auditorium of the old opera house, a space that is about 60 metres deep, with tiered seating rising to a height of about 10 metres. They chose a GEO T tangent-array system from NEXO, powered by 16x CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers. An array comprising 12x GEO T4805s and 2x T2815s was flown either side of the stage. 3x NEXO CD18 subbass units were used, with 4x PS10s installed as near-fills.

Knut Winkler, the managing director of Ambion GmbH Rhein-Main, summarised the reasons behind the choice: ''the GEO was the ideal response to the requirements we were expected to meet. Its relatively small size and the fact that it was possible to hang it very high up meant that the 'bananas' (curved arrays) hardly came into view over the stage. And the arrays' qualities meant that the sound reached every place inside the hall, even below the gallery or right at the back: we didn't have to use a single delay line.''

Ambion has just opened a new branch of its company in the Rhine-Main region, and has also taken over the technical division of Move & Studio S. ''Now we have created a very strong product presence for NEXO speakers and CAMCO amps,'' says Knut Winkler. ''We are one of the most intensive NEXO and CAMCO users and have already carried out a great number of successful events using their equipment. The Sports Writers Ball was certainly one of the highlights.''

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