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June 2003 - CAMCO is pleased to announce the launch of EtherCai, a software and hardware solution to amplifer networking and remote control which can be run from any PC with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, using an Ethernet Network-Card.

CAMCO has been at the forefront of amplifier remote operation since 1993, when the company launched its proprietary control protocol, CAI (CAMCOAudioInterface) and network software WinCai, based on the industrial RS-485 Bus. The release of EtherCai takes advantage of the faster speeds and improved reliability of 21st century computers and operating systems, and combines the benefit of RS-485 and the Ethernet network.

WinCai software communicates with the new EtherCai-Server, each of which can support connections for up to 32 amplifiers. The current version of WinCai can support up to 100 EtherCai-Servers.

Connection to the amplifiers is made via the proven CAI-protocol and hardware over the RS-485 Bus, which works reliably for distances up to 1300m. This type of daisy-chain network is easy to wire, and can make use of existing microphone or multicore cables. The system is fully compatible with all CAI-equipped amplifiers on the market.

In a typical application, EtherCai can be connected via a short cable to a notebook computer at FOH-Position. The RS-485 Port is connected via multicore to all the amps on atage using Bus wiring.

The current version of WinCai has been optimised for use with EtherCai, but the software is being redesigned.

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