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November 2005 - The German Jazz Festival at Frankfurt am Main is the oldest, longest-running jazz festival in the world. For the 36th. festival, which ran last month in October, over three days, more than 3,000 visitors found their way into the broadcasting auditorium of the radio station Hessischer Rundfunk.

On each of the festival's three evenings, three bands took the stage of the auditorium, and their concerts were then broad cast live on radio. The programme included German and international artists, such as the Hessischer Rundfunk Big Band, Markus Stockhausen, Henry Grimes, Marc Ribot, Wollie Kaiser, Henri Texier, Steven Bernstein and John Medeski.

This year, those in charge at Hessischer Rundfunk chose CAMCO and NEXO for the first time, a choice that was based on the outstanding technical qualities of the NEXO GEO systems and the CAMCO Vortex amplifiers. The high-end sound characteristics, combining precise coverage with great clarity and detail, especially at the front and in the monitors, were extremely impressive features. What finally tipped the balance in CAMCO and NEXO's favour was the fact that delay lines would not be needed at all.

After the event, Uwe Afflerbach concluded ''the festival was a complete success with sound quality that was perfect for this kind of event. The evenly balanced volume and sound coverage in the auditorium and the great satisfaction expressed by the artists themselves regarding their monitor sound have really convinced us that, in choosing CAMCO and NEXO, we made the right decision.

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