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News Germany's newest talent tours with CAMCO
March 2006 - Annett Louisan is one of the fastest-rising stars in Germany, following up the early success of her second album with a national tour. PA is provided by Sound Linear GmbH, a NEXO GEO S tangent-array system with PS Series monitoring, entirely powered by CAMCO Vortex amps.

Louisan's debut album spent nearly a year in the German charts, turning double platinum just as she released her second CD of songs that take their musical influences from samba, tango, waltz, chansons and jazz. She has now embarked on her second tour of Germany, with an all-acoustic band (plus electric organ) and, on both occasions, has carried a CAMCO/NEXO PA production system.

Concept and realisation of the sound reinforcement set-up for both tours was in the hands of Sound Linear GmbH from Paderborn under the management of Kalle Hogrefe.

In most venues, the systems was designed with left and right arrays of 11x NEXO GEO S805s plus 1x GEO S830, each array being flown with a subbass group of 3x NEXO CD12s and a NEXO CD18 cabinet. The system is powered by 6x CAMCO Vortex 6s and 3x NEXO NX241s. NEXO's compact PS8 cabinets are used for near fill, and 4x NEXO PS15s with PS15 controllers and CAMCO Vortex 4s cover the centre and the sides. The monitoring system uses PS15s with NEXO PS15 controllers, all powered by CAMCO Vortex 4 amplifiers.

Peter Schneekloth, from the very outset the man responsible for sound, said after the Dortmund concert ''The amps from CAMCO are generally very reliable. The tour is super and working with CAMCO amplifiers means we have no stress whatsoever.''

Kalle Hogrefe and Sascha Merle from Sound Linear are just as happy with the tour and the equipment. ''Quite simply a super tour. Annett Louisan's voice is fantastic, the musicians are brilliant. The sound in the concert halls leaves nothing at all to be desired and, once again, we are more than happy with our decision to choose CAMCO and NEXO.''

For further information contact:
Kalle Hogrefe
Sound Linear GmbH
Tel.: +49 5251 77460

Tour organiser:
Semmel Concerts in cooperation with tour-house GmbH