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News SEB Bank's 150th anniversary Party
May 2006 - Nearly 3000 invited guests celebrated the SEB Bank's 150th anniversary at a gala extravaganza at the Festival Hall in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Organisers of this major corporate event were keen to provide a highly efficient, high-quality and yet discreet sound reinforcement system that would do justice to such a splendid occasion.

The job of drawing up the sound concept was given to Knut Winkler, one of the specialists at the Frankfurt branch of Ambion GmbH. His choice was the NEXO GEO T array system, and the system was put together by his colleague Michael Wengerter, from the company's Kassel branch. Driven by CAMCO Vortex power, including the new Vortex 200Vs, the system comprised NEXO's GEO T tangent-array cabinets, with CD18 subbass units, and PS15 monitors. Signal management was carried out from the FOH position via EtherSound, controlled from the InnovaSon SY 80 digital mixing desk.

Speaking after the event, Ambion's Knut Winkler was more than satisfied with his choice. ''The NEXO GEO T system provided everything this event needed and did its job perfectly. And in our opinion, the CAMCO amplifiers are ideal for driving the NEXO GEO T system and meet the highest possible quality criteria.

''Apart from all the praise and thanks from our clients here, who were very happy with the sound, I was personally very happy to be able to set up and hear the GEO T in the Festival Hall. Anyone who has experienced the hall as a venue for top international acts knows that many concerts have suffered from extremely bad sound. Only rarely do audiences leave the hall unanimous in their view that the sound was great. So that gives us all the more reason to be pleased about the excellent result we have achieved and about the fact that we definitely made the right choice.''

For further information contact:
Ambion GmbH | Frankfurt
Knut Winkler


Ambion GmbH | Kassel
Michael Wengerter