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News CAMCO Tecton for the Beilrode Ostelbienhalle
June 2006 - The Ostelbienhalle in Beilrode is proving to be a popular venue for sports and cultural events, following the installation of a line array sound reinforcement system which successfully meets the acoustic challenge of the hall's contemporary design. Berger Veranstaltungstechnik of Mehltheuer worked closely with CAMCO's fixed installations division to win the contract with computer simulations of the finished design.

The Ostelbienhalle is 44 m long and 22 m wide, equipped with a gallery all the way round. The area opposite the stage has been built in an attractive, contemporary design using concrete and glass. Though very pleasing to the eye, this presented a challenge for balanced sound reinforcement, especially within a tight budget.

The challenge was taken up by Berger Veranstaltungstechnik, which, in cooperation with CAMCO's fixed installations division, drew up designs for a sound reinforcement solution using a NEXO GEO S line array. Presentations of the concept included a very professionally presented CAD simulation, which really impressed the responsible decision-makers, who were able to visualise the proposed solution. Berger Veranstaltungstechnik's winning design included NEXO GEO S loudspeaker arrays, driven by 2x CAMCO Tecton 32.4 amplifiers, with the proven NEXO NX 242 as the controller.

Speaking after the inauguration event, Stephan Berger, owner of Berger Veranstaltungstechnik, explained that ''there were a number of reasons for choosing this system. Firstly, the price was comparatively favourable. And it was possible to increase the size of the line array relatively easily without any interference in coverage. Raising the maximum volume level by using sub-basses also worked in favour of a line array. In addition to this, the great support from CAMCO right from the tendering phase, especially from Norbert Sangermann, made it clear that, in CAMCO, we were dealing with a service-orientated company with extremely competent staff. Both ourselves and our client are very happy with the sound reinforcement system in the Ostelbienhalle. ''

For further information contact:

Stephan Berger
Berger Veranstaltungstechnik