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News CAMCO chosen for five different PA systems in Norway
July 2006 - CAMCO is delivering a substantial consignment of its flagship amplifier products to Norway this month, as the country's leading rental companies (Frontlite, FotoPhone and LydPartner) upgrade their audio inventory, with renewed emphasis on the principles of system power and system flexibility.

The largest customer is Oslo-based Frontlite, which has chosen 30x CAMCO Vortex 6 and 14x CAMCO Vortex 200V amps to power its new NEXO GEO T system. According to Frontlite's head of audio, Stuart Kerrison, the reason for buying so many amps was the extra flexibility he gained from the system.

''In Norway, we cater for audiences ranging from 50 people to 20,000 people, so we need a really versatile system. We want to be able to break up our GEO T system into 3 smaller systems, or to split it in half with each system being capable of handling a festival for 5,000 people or going on tour. Having the extra 2 top amp racks (an additional 10x Vortex 6 amplifiers) gives us this flexibility, but it also enables us to run one extremely powerful 24-box a side GEO T system.''

Frontlite has chosen CAMCO's Vortex 200V power amps to drive the ranks of NEXO CD18 subbass. The latest addition to CAMCO's product portfolio, the 200V is specified at more than 3 kw per channel RMS at 4 Ohms, and delivers voltage at the output of 200V per channel. Stuart Kerrison praises its performance, and that of the Vortex 6: ''we've very happy with the CAMCO package; they sound really good, we like the light weight of them, and they are proven to be very reliable. The 200V is the more powerful amplifier, which is why we've paired it with the extraordinarily powerful CD18 bass bin. We wanted to maximise the power in the bass.''

Mick Anderson of CAMCO underlines this point about the Vortex 200V. ''With its advanced power ratio, this amplifier is perfectly matched to specialist subbass applications, able to provide the additional headroom necessary for today's high-power subbass enclosures.''

Frontlite has equipped its NEXO NX242 system processors with NX-Cai extensions cards, enabling monitoring and control of the Vortex amps and processors from the front-of-house position.

 Also in Oslo, rental company Lyd Partner has chosen CAMCO Vortex 6 and 200V to power its new NEXO GEO D system, the first to be imported into Norway. Lyd Partner already has a substantial stock of CAMCO Vortex 6 amps, which it uses with NEXO GEO S, Alpha-E and Alpha systems. Their latest purchases, of 8x Vortex 6 and 4x Vortex 200V, were used by Deep Purple at a concert in Bodo, where the GEO D system made its debut appearance. Lyd Partner is also using the Vortex 200V amps with NEXO's CD18 subbass units.

 Three further consignments of CAMCO amps have been delivered to FotoPhono. Vortex 6 and Vortex 200Vs will be used with FotoPhono's newly-purchased NEXO GEO D system. In addition, FotoPhono has ordered extra Vortex 6 amps for its two rental divisions, in Oslo and in Gjovik.

All systems have been supplied by PSS, CAMCO's distributor in Norway.