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August 2006 - Just a few miles from CAMCO's HQ in Wenden, the ice rink at the Sportpark Siegerland was one of the venues chosen for a World Cup festival, and was equipped with a new CAMCO-powered NEXO GEO D sound system for the occasion.

The Sportpark not only showed all the World Cup football matches but also hosted various events and entertainments. The job of putting this all into practice technically was given to the Neunkirchen sound company NPB Veranstaltungstechnik, which was presented with more than a few challenges by the nature of the location.

The ice rink itself is open on one side, has a solid concrete floor and the suspended roof offers absolutely nothing in the way of sound absorption. Long reverberation times and reflections had to be compensated for by the sound engineers and the system. The organisers were determined to present the best possible sound quality to what turned out to be an average of 2,500 people at the various events.

So, the specialists from NPB decided to use the NEXO GEO D system. On each side, arrays were flown consisting of 6x NEXO GEO D10s. These speakers were driven by two CAMCO Vortex 6s that received their signals from a NEXO NX 242 controller with an EtherSound extension. Monitoring was covered by NEXO PS 15 speakers, CAMCO Tecton 38.4 amps and PS 15 TD controllers.

The entire event turned out to be a great success all round. Afterwards Christian Keil from NPB gave his assessment of the NEXO GEO D. ''We chose the GEO D system for this event because of its full-range capabilities and outstanding directivity. Also, its natural sound and good vertical coupling had already won us over before the event itself. We were able to provide the main shows and the side events with optimal sound quality without any additional effort or equipment. It's fair to say that the GEO D system really exceeded our expectations.''

For further information contact:

NPB Veranstaltungstechnik, D-57290 Neunkirchen
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Keil

Reinhard Steger